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       Hello, I'm Dustin Huff (Hunter/Owner)

I grew up in rural Southeastern Indiana hunting, fishing, and loving the outdoors. I started tagging along with my dad to the woods, since I can remember. By age 10, I was gunning down squirrels and rabbits with a hand me down Marlin Lever-Action .22 he gave me, and at 12 years old I shot my first deer with his set trigger round ball .45 muzzleloader. I've been hooked ever since.

I never have been a trophy hunter by any means. I was always taught to enjoy my time in the woods, love God's creations, and fill the freezer. So, shooting the #1 Typical Whitetail in the United States/#2 in the world is something I still can't believe at times. 

Hunting that same property, a hog farm I'd been hunting for close to 20 years, I've been grateful to take a ton of deer, as well as a handful of decent wall hangers.  Just about every great hunting memory I can think of comes from those same woods. 

After shooting "Moose" and traveling to hunting trade shows across the country, I wanted to create a brand that is for hunters like me; a regular guy that just loves to be in the woods. Doesn't matter if you hunt 10 acres or 100 acres. Doesn't matter if you use compound, recurve, handgun, crossbow, rifle, shotgun, or muzzleloader. Doesn't matter if you hunt private land or public land.  Doesn't matter if you use trail cameras or not, scent control spray or not. Doesn't matter if you shoot a doe or a buck. 

Here at
THB our motto is KILL 'EM - CLEAN 'EM - EAT 'EM. & mission is to

The Huff Buck is more than just a deer.
The Huff Buck is a country/outdoor lifestyle brand for the everyday hunters around the world. 


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